The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Digital Marketing Budget That Drives Results

Creating an effective marketing budget first relies on a firm understanding of what you want to accomplish as a business. Do you want people to download your latest white paper, buy your product, or fill out a form to get service? You may want as many people as possible to know who you are. Either […]

What is the Lemon8 app and what do marketers need to know about it?

When life gives you lemons, the boldest brands download Lemon8. With TikTok facing major backlash in the U.S., social media and marketing teams across the country have been on the edge of their seats wondering if and when their hard earned audiences might be snatched away. And although TikTok’s virtual head may currently be on […]

Know, Learn and Do More With GA4

Why Google Analytics 4 is a Game Changer Late last year, Google announced a major upgrade to Analytics—Google Analytics 4. They called the completely updated platform “the next generation of Google Analytics.” We’re calling it something even more exciting: a huge step forward in the way we ensure the best ROI for our clients. Here’s […]

4 Ways to Make Your Social Media Posts More Accessible

1. Add Alt Text Alternative (alt) text adds a written description to an image, allowing screen readers to read the descriptions to visually impaired people. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all have easy-to-use options for adding alt text to your pictures. Twitter calls alt text “descriptions.” When posting a photo to the platform, simply click the […]

Going Viral: Optimizing YouTube Video Descriptions

1. Start With Keywords Keywords are the search terms that help YouTube link your content with what users are searching for. They’re the main reason videos of puppies show up when you search “puppies” or why Youtube knows what to suggest for you “up next.” They help choose what videos are relevant to the search. […]

5 Budget-Friendly Nonprofit Social Media Strategies

Connect Content With Your Cause Your purpose drives your nonprofit; it should drive your social media content too. For every genius post you draft, take a second before you publish to ensure that it reinforces your cause. That doesn’t mean sticking to serious subjects all the time. Just be selective about what you share, and […]