The Story Behind Our New Visual Brand: A Wow-Worthy Brand Reveal

The Story Behind Our New Visual Brand: A Wow-Worthy Brand Reveal

When Think Creative and Web Solutions of America merged in November 2020, we’d always get asked why. Why merge, and why now? Our answer was simple. We were two all-in teams eager to come together and do amazing things — for our clients, our industry and the world. So when we officially formed Think Integrated, we knew we wanted to share this new story of us in a way that was thoughtful, impactful and authentic.

It was time for a new brand.

Our Rebrand Began With Managing Your Messaging 

We started our rebrand process like we would for our clients. Our team — now doubled in size — came together for Managing Your Messaging, a branding and culture facilitation that helped establish who we are, why we exist and our impact on the world as this newly merged company. We marked our responses in our Story Compass, a tool we use for telling original, consistent and authentic brand stories. 

We are a branding and marketing agency that powers people with purpose and works to make anything possible for our clients and each other.

Purpose Statement

In nailing down our purpose and impact statements, we built a solid foundation for how we wanted our brand to sound — confident, friendly, sincere, clever and intelligent. Next was creating how we wanted our brand to look and feel. 

Kicking off the Logo Creation Process With Moodboarding 

Every logo creation process is different, but ours always starts with brainstorming and moodboarding. Using our purpose and impact statements to drive ideas, our designers knew they wanted to convey our story of connection and impact in the new visual brand. They turned to Pinterest and art magazines for inspiration, refining the search process by asking the following questions:

Think Moodboard

This process left room for multiple concepts to take shape. Our designers sketched out a number of icons and refined each script, serif and sans serif wordmark variant. Some options explored our fun and quirky side, while others were stripped back and classic. Ultimately, one concept came out on top. 

A Brand Presentation Full of Oohs and Aahs

Our creative team shared our new brand for the first time to every Thinker in a brand presentation, starting with the unveiling of our new rallying cry:

We are a team unlike any other. Inspiring and inspired by bold ideas. Propelled by joyful curiosity. We think deeply and wildly and strategically and passionately about everything we do. And everything we do, we do together. We are a driving force with many dimensions. Pushing our clients and ourselves toward entirely new possibilities.  

Then came the reveal of our new logo. A bold, geometric icon with heaps of symbolism — a mountain, an intersection and a subtle “T” and “I.” The enclosing circle shape feels clean, and the rounded edges keep it friendly. The same goes for the type — bold, all-caps can feel very serious, but the rounded edges on “THINK” soften it a bit. The chunky serifs on “INTEGRATED” feel a little bit vintage typewriter, blurred ink on a page, for a strong, solid foundation that ties the type together.

Think Integrated logo

Creating a Full Visual Brand 

Our new logo was everything we wanted it to be and more, but it was only one piece of the rebrand puzzle. In developing our full visual brand, we referenced the Starbucks creative theory on functional and expressive designs, ensuring our new brand worked for everything from business cards and websites to office decor and even team socks. 

Our brand began to look exploratory, layered and iconic, as well as feel thoughtful, smart and passionate. With a new color palette, fonts and typefaces, every intentionally crafted element came together. Most importantly, every element — our story, our logo, our brand— felt like us. Unequivocally and unapologetically us. 

Everything We Did For Our Team, We’ll Do For Yours

Our visual brand is reflective of who we are — a team that thinks deeply and wildly and strategically and passionately about everything we do. And everything we do, we’ll do for you. If you’re ready to introduce yourself to the world with a distinct and purposeful logo and brand, you’ve come to the right people. Think Integrated is a team of branding, marketing, creative, digital, social and strategy experts working together under one roof. We’re ready to give you an unparalleled depth of creativity, design, storytelling, and digital know-how so you can make your mark on the world.

To work with us, call us at 407-896-5757 or email [email protected].