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Whether you’re launching an entirely new brand or breathing new life into a brand that’s gone stale, Think Integrated can help. Our process is a rigorous one — that’s what it takes to  build brands people can believe in, and tell stories that inspire more than a simple transaction. Here’s how we develop brands that attract customers, supporters and champions for life.  

A comprehensive

Brand Guide

provides clear visual and messaging instructions to keep branding consistent.

Your unique

Culture Guide

reinforces team values, tradition, principles and connection.

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Getting a new brand off the ground (or getting an existing brand back on solid ground) starts with strategy — or as we call it, BRANDATEGY™. Before anyone even whispers the words “logo” or “tagline,” your BRANDATEGY™ clearly defines who you are, what you’re trying to achieve, and how you’re going to achieve it.

To get started, we dig deep with your team to define your organization’s values, priorities and personality. These answers don’t come easy. Our team will lead yours through the process of discovery with individual interviews, group conversations and interactive exercises.

Through our signature exercise, Managing Your Messaging, your team will tackle the hardest questions about your brand: who are you, why are you here, and what change will you bring to the world? These answers become the framework of your BRANDATEGY™ and everything that follows. The process will be challenging, illuminating and fun! Together, we’ll get right to the heart and soul of your brand.


A great name that stands out from the competition and sticks in the minds of your audience. Coming up with one is both an art and a science. It takes creative thinking, industry analysis, researching trademarks, domains, social media handles and more. We’ll balance the practical and personal, discovering a name that feels right in your gut and works beautifully everywhere else.


We define brand personality in terms of Vibe (what your brand feels like), Visual (what your brand looks like) and Voice (what your brand sounds like). Your brand personality infuses everything you share with the world, from your company website to product packaging to a social media post. The more consistently you express your personality, the more powerful and memorable your brand will be.


Using your brand personality as the foundation, we’ll develop a comprehensive visual identity for your brand, including logo, typefaces, color palettes and imagery style. Next, we bring that identity to life everywhere—marketing and sales materials, social media graphics, office environment, product packaging, team uniforms, you name it. If it’s a touchpoint for your audience or team, our design team will make sure your brand comes through loud and clear.


We’ll put your brand voice to work, writing all the content you need for both internal and external brand communications. Company websites, quick and clever digital marketing campaigns, informative (yet engaging) annual reports, ongoing SEO content marketing — our writers do it all, keeping your brand intact with every word.


Organizational culture can be the most powerful expression of your brand. So why do so many companies overlook it? Because they don’t understand how to truly weave the brand into their behaviors. We do. Let us energize your leaders and inspire your team to rally around your brand and all it stands for. Then, we’ll give them the tools to live the brand every day.


We love taking clients beyond traditional brand touchpoints. Taco trucks, two-story murals, an original poem printed into a concrete column — if the brand fits, brag about it every chance you get.


The name Congdon Yards celebrates the philanthropic family who inspired the visionary mixed-use development, as well as the building’s history as a textile mill.