How “Managing Your Messaging” Solidifies Your Brand Story And Strategy 

How “Managing Your Messaging” Solidifies Your Brand Story And Strategy 

Launching a new brand, revitalizing an existing brand, or at a critical inflection point in the evolution of your organization? Aligning your team around a shared vision is essential. Of course, that’s easier said than done — especially when you try to navigate the process on your own. Competing priorities, complicated histories and lack of communication among different stakeholders can all stand in the way of success. Our Managing Your Messaging process will help you cut through the clutter, create a bold and inspiring vision and develop a clear roadmap for the future.

How Managing Your Messaging Works

We bring together a diverse cross-section of stakeholders, from your senior leadership team to your front-line staff, long-time customers, board members, community champions and anyone else who offers a valuable perspective on your brand story – the more diverse perspectives, the better.

Then we will lead the group through a three-step process to discuss, deliberate and ultimately define:

  1. Who you are and why you exist
  2. The three areas of impact you strive to have in the world and
  3. Exactly what you do as an organization to create that impact.

The Managing Your Messaging exercise takes roughly three hours and sparks a conversation that’s just as valuable as the finished product.

I used one of the narratives from the Story Compass as my starting point. It went so well! It was different language than I’ve ever used before. I really liked it. I think it moved the audience as well. One person from the class even donated 10k to us!

Chris Brown, Orlando Family Stage

What Managing Your Messaging Teaches You About Your Brand

In addition to answering these fundamental questions about your brand, the Managing Your Messaging process is designed to help teams open up to one another — and to the great possibilities that lay before them. It sparks meaningful conversation, thoughtful debate and deep insight into your brand and your team. Here are a few of the lessons that clients have shared they learned along the way:

You have a powerful story. You’re just not telling it that way.

Clients often tell us that they don’t have a cohesive story. However, through these sessions, a great story usually emerges, one rooted in common values, goals and commitment. Managing Your Messaging crystalizes that story and leaves you with the tools you need to share it with the world.

Your greatest leaders weren’t always your leaders.

In this setting, removed from everyday roles and pressures, team members of any level can step up with thoughtful insight and ground-breaking ideas that transform the trajectory of a brand for the better.

Your “why” is more inspiring than your “what.”

There’s a reason we put purpose at the heart of the process. Whether they’re launching a new brand in a crowded market or moving a long-standing brand in a bold new direction, teams who feel a strong sense of purpose can achieve the impossible.

What Happens After Managing Your Messaging

We will combine all the input from the Managing Your Messaging exercise, as well as any individual and team interviews, into your Story Compass. This invaluable document clearly articulates your guiding purpose, the impact you wish to make in the world, and the concrete actions your team will take to deliver on that purpose.

Your Story Compass becomes the basis for everything your brand does moving forward: internal and external communications, strategic planning and critical business decisions.

Develop Your Brand Strategy And Story

If you’re launching a new brand, breathing new life into an existing brand or just figuring out where your brand goes from here, Think Integrated can help. Our expert facilitators and brand storytellers will help you and your team explore the possibilities and carve the path to your brand’s brightest future. Get started on Managing Your Messaging or any of our branding and marketing services.