Know, Learn and Do More With <strong>GA4</strong>

Know, Learn and Do More With GA4

Why Google Analytics 4 is a Game Changer

Late last year, Google announced a major upgrade to Analytics—Google Analytics 4. They called the completely updated platform “the next generation of Google Analytics.” We’re calling it something even more exciting: a huge step forward in the way we ensure the best ROI for our clients. Here’s why.

A Clearer Picture of Customer Interactions

With machine learning at its core, the new and improved Analytics tracks trends among your customer base. This “modeling” process collects data to make predictions about audience behavior. For example, the program calculates churn probability for your e-commerce customers. With that insight, you’ll know the best places to invest in order to retain customers.

Deeper Integration With Google Ads

Analytics 4 houses a much deeper integration with Google Ads, which takes audiences targeting to a whole new level. The new features let you nail down your audiences with unprecedented precision, so you can be sure your ads are reaching customers with the most relevant experiences.

Better Visibility For Conversions

The wait is over! With Google Analytics 4, you can finally see conversions that happen both in-app and on the web. No back and forth needed. No kidding: conversions from YouTube videos, Google and non-Google paid channels, and organic channels like Google Search, social, and email– all in one place. If you want to understand the combined impact of your marketing efforts across all channels (and who doesn’t?) this update makes viewing that data that much easier.

But wait, there’s more….

More insights into user behavior mean even more data to back your marketing efforts. With Google Analytics 4 updates you’ll be able to…

Google Analytics 4 is just the first step in the future of analytics and lays the foundation for later updates on the platform. If you think this is some powerful stuff (it is), just imagine what you’ll be able to do with what comes next!

Wait a sec, you’re not an Analytics expert? No worries—we are. Contact us to discuss digital and data strategy for your business.