2023 Trends in Email Marketing 

2023 Trends in Email Marketing 

Detailing your emails with intricate designs and paragraphs of text used to be the most effective way to email — but now it just makes your messages look oversaturated. So how can you create emails that break through the noise, appear authentic, and actually get read in 2023? By following these emerging trends, you’ll be closer to your email marketing goals than ever. 

Always Include Accessibility 

More and more users rely on audio playback to access content around the internet, but emails are still lagging in accessibility. To make your content more accessible for users with visual disabilities, test a minimalistic approach. By condensing your message into less and more clear copy, you can better optimize your emails for voice-assisted email reading. Furthermore, you can improve the accessibility of your email design by adding the following elements. 

Implement More Interactivity 

From animated buttons to in-depth surveys, you can customize the degree and type of engagement in your emails. To prompt readers to physically interact with the contents of your email, consider adding a quick poll or ending your message with a request for feedback. This type of interaction will bring users closer to your brand while leaving you with tangible responses that you can use for feedback or turn into usable content.   

Use User-Generated Content 

Once you’ve gotten feedback from your users, use it to fuel your email campaign. For example, if you inserted open questions that asked users to type their responses in a previous email, you can pull quotes that reflect a positive user experience. You can also source user-generated content (UGC) by featuring social media posts that use your branded hashtags or tag your business directly. By highlighting content created by your own users, your emails appear more authentic, relatable, and trustworthy.  

Reach out With Responsiveness

Making your emails responsive to mobile users is more important than ever, as users are increasingly more likely to open your emails with their smartphones or tablets than with a desktop. Consumers use their mobile devices to read emails, make purchases, and follow brands, which means a mobile-optimized email is not only going to benefit your click-through rate, but also your overall brand perception. Therefore, when designing, crafting, and drafting your emails, you’ll need to consider how the images, spacing, and overall user experience will translate to mobile. Leading design and development elements that can make your emails more mobile-friendly include: 

Stay a Step Ahead of the Trends  

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